Ai Time Bomb Various mp3 song

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Albums: Chalat Musafir Moh Liya Re.

Singers: Various.

Released : 15 Sep, 2016

Duration : 03:28 min

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Point isGovernment is doing it's best but we people are the real culprit.#startfromyourself

almost one of the greatest add ever



A hard hitting warning. Will the govt wake up and introduce laws to ban Diwali crackers, reduce and ultimately close coal power plants near cities, and completely ban farmers from burning fields in preparation of rabi sowing?

Here in Arumachal so fresh Air.. So pure air. No pollution.

Don't stop pollution, it is such a nice way to get rid of population. Viva la pollution

This is the real sign of advancement. Keep it India ......

A Dotard like u has no idea why there is so much pollution in India , not in USA , 1.4 Billion , breeding like insects , a nation that defecates in open , rivers that's a sewage , disposing human carcass in the rivers , chturvedi , na toh chatur hai aur vedh se agayani , US is 4 times bigger with 4 times less population , aukaad toh kuch hai nahin , buckwas mein awwal .

how about people start walking little and move f a**.. stop using vehicle even to go for pee.. Utilize balcony space. Stop using unnecessary paper, start recyle.. stop throwing things without thinking. how about if each Indian just plant one tree.. 1.3 billion trees in just a year.. in next 5 years bam.. even half survives.. we can create huge forest once again.. most important: your city will look more pretty and more tourist will come.. good for business even.. everyone wants to make tons of money but money wont convert into O2 period.

It brings tears in my eyes.. Sersly

really nice one just subscribed after watching one video...

Get rid if your petrol and diesel vehicles guys...lets ride the horses again!

Live simple so that others can live simply ... indians r the most selfish kaum on this planet , what kind of a enviourment r u leaving for ur kids grand kids ?

2 child policy if not implemented...india will surely lose the fight of sustainable development and pollution alleviation....i hate my fellow indians...fuck u motherfuckers

सच यार , शायद हमलोगों के पास अब ज्यादा समय नहीं बचा हैं , :(

They will not release it on the tv as its counterproductive to the profits of the industrialists

No No this is not 2030 this is 2017 :/



I almost cried when i saw this video 😢


Now THAT'SWhat I call EDGY

u r probably the best channel...for doing awareness of all this of pollution...seriously hats off

Really tuch awesome 👌

the truth but by this speed we won't be able to stop it

This is something really sad. We need an awakening and try to get freedom from the oil mafia. Nature has infinite resources for renewable energy. 100 years back We used oil as energy and same scenario now. TIME TO RETHINK!


Ghanta... 2030 kya.. 2060 mein bhi India football world Cup mein qualify nahi kar payega... Haa... 2100 tak chance hai... Century lagta hai revolution aane mein...


Brilliant idea. hope we do not reach this stage. do you think Usage of Natural gas and other clean fuels will help to arrest the pollution

wow, amazing thought, award winning campaign

great work danny boy. ye rock.

Amazing ad.

Amazing ad... release it on TV.... great effect

Very true. An eye-opener to raise voice against air pollution. Very innovative video as always. The characters ' eye makeup is really catching the attention.

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Ai Time Bomb by Various full Video

Ai Time Bomb Various Album Mp3 Song.Ai Time Bomb song belongs to Bhojpuri, Ai Time Bomb by Various, Ai Time Bomb available To free download ,Download Various Ai Time Bomb Mp3 Song. Ai Time Bomb Bhojpuri released on 2017-08-04 23:38:37.Timebomb is the 1st release off iLLiZeM s debut album 2 Bics 2 Papers dropping March 31st 2017 Directed by Jeff Adair Produced by Dejuan Woo Wooten mixed mastered by Dj Decrazed This track. The GBU 43 B Massive Ordnance Air Blast MOAB aka Mother of All Bombs most powerful non nuclear bomb made so far deliver a hell of a punch blast radius of up to one mile on each side. Hear first hand accounts from the air and ground re telling every memory from the day the world first witnessed the horrors of atomic warfare Taken From Hiroshima Subscribe to the BBC Worldwide. So I have heard a low hiss from under the compressor for a while now Thought it was my water drain valve leaking from age or cold Leak was quite a bit larger tonight so I bent down to feel. Another one of Allout s Songs buy it at itunes now to help promote them they deserve it D. Hi This is my first try on making an Airsoft Suitcase time bomb It uses a microcontroller Arduino to control the functions Main specs Programmable timer Movement detection once. Pranksters is the 1 place where you will find the funniest pranks compilations and comedy all in one place Now you can spend more time laughing and less time searching plz subscribe thanks. I join an FSX multiplayer...