Dance Of The Elephant God Rahul Sharma mp3 song

Categories: Album and Classical.

Albums: Namaste India.

Singers: Rahul Sharma.

Released : 01 Jun, 2011

Duration : 05:58 min

Downloads : 171.89K

Truelly awesome 👍👍👍

Lovely composition. Thank you.

Wow....very soothing. How u create it.......paisa vasool


Muy hermoso

very peaceful & melodious music...instant switch over to a different state of mind....thanks & god bless


excellent piece of work

Hello friends is wonderful


this is b.ful

woooow hermoso

great great great

"I DONT KNOW WHY SUCH A GREAT ARTIST LIKE KENNY G MAKE THIS ALBUM WITH SUCH A STRANGE PERSON. ".......... a frog in the well will not know who Rahul Sharma is and the kind of instrument and music he plays.... pity for you

i need sheet music for this... till then gonna learn by ear >.>

Excelente y me hace sentir relajada y en Paz. .gracias

good combination just kenny g compliment each other well......I love it. 

Me parece una muy buena combinacion

awesome melody.

+korndavisx lol dats my dad srry bout dat :P

you need to go to shcool

you are the 1 person to dislike this i feel....screw u

FUCK no good combination between your mother and father....look what a shitty result is

BRILLIANT Composition & fusion !!!!!!

Love you both KENNY G 'n RAHUL SHARMA

Wow I'm not a huge fan of Kenny G, I am a big fan of Rahul Sharma and his father Pandit Shivkumar Sharma, the grandmaster & developer of the Santoor, a type if hammered dulcimer with 31 bridges & 91 strings. It has a beautiful sound, and it has captured my heart, and I just began my studies on it, and will pick up my instrument from my teacher Arshadji Syed this week at my lesson. It is cool to hear this instrument in different musical contexts, including this one. Thank you for sharing it.


This is something I hear when I in the Mumbai international airport walking around near the duty free shops.

Great mix! Compliment each other well......

First learn to appreciate proper music and then only comment. Kenny G should consider himself lucky that he got chance to work with this santoor god. (now you probably gonna ask what is santoor)!!

Olá! Isso é simplesmente uma coisa para doidos no bom sentido da palavra,é claro! Tudo está em uma perfeita harmonia,e o mais interessante é que o saxofone não faz parte do universo oriental na música,mas,cai perfeitamente como linhas deliciosas numa pauta de música! Oba!!!! Eu quero mais!!! rsrs!!! DeSouzaGino

great work by both the magicians of music . great work by times music

dont you realise to get the best flavour, you need to fugenize it!in other words mix it other wise its just plain!

santoor is an instrument and this guy is Rahul sharma from Kashmir india .his father is the master of santoor

come on kenny G why with this guy

FUCK no good combination just kenny g that's it no one else

great combo but somthing is missing behind may be a bass guitar would have been nice

why not...this is a great collaboration of artists, to make a unique music, something different for a change

My mom loves Kenny G, I'm sure you'll like this cd.

Thanks, hugs

From Gye, Ecu

Quite lovely....the modern soprano sax meshed with the ancient santoor is a sublime mix. Thank you for sharing this piece with us.



great job , i love the new music of kenny G and Rahul i can fly to the india

I love it. Thank you Kenny G!!!!!

kya baat hai...sayad pahli baar santoor aur saxophone ki jugalbandi suni....

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Dance Of The Elephant God by Rahul Sharma full Video

Dance Of The Elephant God Rahul Sharma Album Mp3 Song.Dance Of The Elephant God song belongs to Classical, Dance Of The Elephant God by Rahul Sharma, Dance Of The Elephant God available To free download ,Download Rahul Sharma Dance Of The Elephant God Mp3 Song. Dance Of The Elephant God Classical released on 2017-08-03 03:46:18.From the album Namaste 2012. Pt shivkumar sharma rahul sharma santoor duet tabla anindo chatterjee. Happy christmas and holiday instrumental background music for videos christmas videos holiday videos films presentations for commercial projects etc Free. Stranger on the Shore is a piece for clarinet written by Acker Bilk for his young daughter and originally named Jenny after her It was subsequently used as. Null.

A B C D Dance Rahul Sharma. Song Name Viva Madikeri Album Name Deep India Artist Rahul Sharma Deep Forest Eric Mouquet Label Sony Music Audio Sample Recordist Vivek Rajagopalan Dop Sushant Naik Dinkar Dwivedi. From the album Namaste 2012. 6 HOURS Relaxing study music concentration focus and memory Piano violin guitar instrumental mix for exam reading and working study English math. Water is among the most primal of elements providing endless inspiration to artistes In this album from the World Music genre santoor maestro Rahul Sharma interprets water as a soundscape. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE Here is the Tracklist for download 01 Namaste from this link 02. Album Deep India SONY MUSIC 2013 From Punjab North India Punjabi folk...