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Released : 24 Feb, 2016

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so I lit again to stop lightingπŸ”₯

My habit is removing my eyeleashes and eat them πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Only the last 10 seconds made sense.

Be proud of me for not saying how I really feel.

What's up with the stacked empty toiletpaper rolls in the background?

Thank you so much. I quit smoking in Jan 1st and here I am still standing. This could be the 1st successful attempt to quit and maybe the easiest.... respect!

Watch this video to use your habit power

I probably daydreamed 5 times during this video XD

My bad habit is spending too much time on Facebook and talking to strangers i will never meet in real life! I tried quitting many times but it didn't work. My bad habit just comes back stronger than before πŸ˜₯😒😒 i am suffering

Notice the urge---> Get curious - - - >Feel the joy of letting go Repeat

I needed this. Trank you

Hello TED Can V dub these knowledgefull speaches to our local languages and upload them??Are they open sourced..??

Who's TED?

This is Buddhist philosophy

Fantastic and so simple!!! So much to take into my daily life. Thank you

There is so much information in this video . This guy didn't get here just to share his experience like the other TED talks . This can just change our lives .



Silks Speigelburg

Focus on good habits and try to least bother on bad habits.

Im here because I need to break-up with Pornelius Hubert


If it's so simple, why is the video ~10 minutes long, hmmmmm

Smoking helps me cope with the idiots. Yes it taste bad like smoke but its my coping mechanism. as the world will never be educated and people will always be racist etc

i don't feel better after eating ice cream or chocolate. i hate the stuff its too sweet for my teeth

A thinline between an yes and no, like maybe.

I'd also like to point out. I am being mindful of not smoking pot. Because I have stopped. I can't seem to shake the feelings. I know it's illegal. I know I don't want bullshit from the law. I know I am drug tested at work. So I don't do it. But I consistently find myself listening to my favorite music or am outside and this warm sensation comes over my brain and says. You used to feel better than you so now in this exact same situation. Ahhhhhhhhhhh. I hate it. I hate that I can't do it.

So I quit cocaine, heroin, oxy, marijuana. With that said. I could careless about everything else. Marijuana. I can't shake the feeling of wanting to smoke. I miss the smell, the feelings,etc. How do I replace that.

0:55 guy behind Sharon gets called out lol

Very impressive last lines...!!Thank you sir...

This presentation is on the money.

0:55 - girl on the left front row looks like she's been up for days. Look at her eyes.


Cigarettes contain nicotine, which is a drug. The drug's withdrawal side effect is a stressed feeling, which triggers a craving. This process changes the reward system of your brain. It's not an "addictive behavior", it's an actual addiction that has a chemical withdrawal. Mindfulness does help unravel the lies that cigarettes tell to our brains, but to say it's "just a bad habit" is not true. I would know because I'm an ex smoker. No one likes smoking. The first one doesn't relieve stress. The second one feels like it does because the nicotine is now in your system. The drug just tricks your brain into thinking it does, hence the cycle continues. The smoking never relieves stress, it just relieves the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal which starts only an hour after your last cigarette. So there are good tools in this talk, but please, if you care that much about helping people quit, get your facts straight. Knowing it was an addiction was the thing that helped me quit and stay quit. Knowing that there was nothing wrong with me or my will power, but just a chemical dependency that I could break.

Who els is watching this on Cocaine,Alchohol, and weed? damn i need to sort my life out and watch this tommorow again!! fml the bad things are to good while watching things on youtube

I was just too distracted by how much he looks like Steve Jobs.

going to try this to break my habit of waking up late.

Still can't put this blunt out smh πŸ”₯

Yoga or meditation or mindfulness can happen only when various things are taken into account, for example, eating habits, qiutness, empty belly, practice, etc. So, please do not manipulate what is already established in the ancient vedic civilization.

I would prefer to see a brain illustration, not a photo!

Thank you Steve Jobs :)

I am super aware of my doings and I am conscious that I have bad habits however these bad habits make me psychologically relax and I cant find other habits to break them. What do u think should i do?I.e., im overly addicted to kpop. Majority of my 24 hours are spent on Twitter looking for any updates of my faves, on YT enjoying music, on some forums to read translated materialsPros: they make me super happy. I mean I feel like if I didnt discover kpop I still sulk in my room self pitying and recalling my what ifsCons: i cant do anything productive. Cant focus with impt things

I am really curious about why we are addicted to YouTube...think about it..I've shared my reasons on my channel, what's your reason for spending so much time on YT? And is it bad for us?

Im so glad i found this video today. I downloaded the app. I dont feel so alone on this journey. I have been wanting to quit for some time. I started smoking at the age of 24 after my then husband left. He would come over to visit the kids daily. I noticed he started smoking(he picked it up from his new girlfriend). To get his attention or some rise out of him, i started taking a few of his cigarettes (though i had never smoked). I started a new habit, and later, many years later when we could speak without arguing, i told him what i had been doing. He told me he didn't even notice. Now i had a constant companion in my cigarettes, that sat with me and helped me make major decisions as a single mother. My cigarettes were there. I have divorced him and he died last year from a weird situation after a spider bite. Our children are now grown so the last year i have been closing off that part of my life. The dream of love and marriage that had been constructed and failed has been tuff to end that chapter. My smoking habit is the residual left from this chapter and has to come to an end. Im sorry to go on, but it feels good to release this habit and its emotional stronghold.

I take issue with the implication that addictive habits are the major fundamental reason that our minds tend to wander, even when we "really try to pay attention to something" (and especially when that something is a personally meaningless video that a psychologist told us to watch for the purpose of a controlled experiment, or a homework assignment we don't really want to do, or whatever). Our minds also wander to things that have more personal value for us. Things that relax us, friendships, new ideas, et cetera. Not just "addictions". Minds seek important experiences, and therefore often wander when they feel that the current experience does not demand their full attention, or will not pay a sufficient return on their investment. Humans naturally, reflexively make these judgments, even when they have no intellectual understanding of the concept of a cost-benefits analysis. We cannot help but make them. Also, the idea that people just start smoking because of Marlboro Men is also not realistic, because that model doesn't explain the initial culture of smoking, or why it's not the Fresh Water Man or the Delicious Apple Man or anything like that. Smoking obviously has an appeal that transcends coolness, or people wouldn't do it increasingly, almost without limit, until realizing that it may have deadly consequences. Obviously, the knowledge that it kills is contradicting our natural enjoyment of a process that has been central to countless tribal cultures for many millennia. You can't make anything cool. You can't make seatbelts cool with those stupid billboards - every kid grows up and realizes it's a joke. Smoking is not addictive because of the illusion that it's cool. It's addictive because of the real feeling of relief that it offers, however fleeting that relief may be. I support the overall purpose of promoting mindfulness, and I agree that curiosity can, in general, lead to levels of insight that cause us to naturally tire of old habits - sometimes good habits, sometimes bad. I just think we need to be carefully realistic in addition to mindful. I don't think anyone will benefit in their ambition to quit smoking by pretending that it doesn't relax them. Obviously it relaxes them. If that relaxation were replaced instead of simply acknowledged, many ex-smoker-wannabes would have more success. This is why, for example, many people quit longterm addictions shortly after acquiring new relationships without as much trouble as they would have had alone, or even did have in the past. The comfort of the happy relationship (as most new relationships are) is an adequate substitute for the drugs. This is also a big part of why AA and NA actually do help many people - the companionship is a priceless substitute for the drugs.

Stay curious


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Hunger Bad Habit Album Mp3 Song.Hunger song belongs to Hardcore, Hunger by Bad Habit, Hunger available To free download ,Download Bad Habit Hunger Mp3 Song. Hunger Hardcore released on 2017-08-03 21:11:00.Go to the link above to start a GOOD habit of improving your memory The link above is for good habits Now below. From the album Hunger and Thirst 2010 Pay what you want Starting Over Bad Habits White Liars CPR Claws Pt 2 Ghost Train Body of Love Intermission Happy People. Check out my NEW YouTube Channel Radiance Central All new videos are there How many times do you reach for food or even eat a meal without even. A seeker asks Sadhguru for information on managing their diet Sadhguru explains the importance of eating a vegetarian diet containing 40 to 50 live raw food Download the Free EBook Food. First in the trilogy of Typhoon music videos Directed by Matthew Thomas Ross at neighborhoodfilms net Starting Over bad habits is off of their album Hunger and Thirst available on CD. You need to be hungry have an appetite for success Don t eat the shit everyone else settles for Motivation can be a huge factor when trying to active. Bad Habit Atmosphere 2011 Track 01. Bad Habit All That I Want Hear Say album 2005 Frontiers Records. Basically jimin is a kinky hoe DISCLAIMER i am in no way trying to disrespect or bully bts they are my children and i love them Songs and clips used are not mine they belong to their rightful. Tony Robbins Motivation STAY HUNGRY...