Kuchh To Duniya Ki Inayat Ne Begum Akhtar mp3 song

Categories: Album and Ghazals.

Albums: The Golden Collection CD 1.

Singers: Begum Akhtar.

Released : 06 Feb, 2012

Duration : 09:02 min

Downloads : 347.09K

Great melodious voice queen of ghazal one gets spiritual satisfaction after hearing her heart touching voice Urdu is fortunate in having lot of literary legends musicians singers thus depicting urdu a living modern sweet language

Sounds similar to mehdi hassan style and music

I heard this song after years....its midnight and the song is casting a spell upon my tired soul ...masterpiece.. i luv begum akhtar ji

I think that Ghazal is penned by Sudershan Faqir beautifully written and recited by Begum Akhtar in a heavenly voice. May God give him Jazak khair.

I barsaat to barsaat ny dil tor deya 😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢 kuch to donya ki inaayat ny dil tor deya

Be nazeer singing .

Very nice

Ultimate ,,,, Speechless

वह वह लजवाब.

A beautiful piece of writing and of course Beghum put life in it.کچھ تو دنیا کی عنایات نے دل توڑ دیا اور کچھ تلخئ حالات نے دل توڑ دیا ہم تو سمجھے تھے کے برسات میں برسے گی شراب آئی برسات تو برسات نے دل توڑ دیا دل تو روتا رہے اور آنکھ سے آنسو نہ بہے عشق کی ایسی روایات نے دل توڑ دیا وہ مرے ہیں مجھے مل جائیں گے آ جائیں گے ایسے بے کار خیالات نے دل توڑ دیا آپ کو پیار ہے مجھ سے کہ نہیں ہے مجھ سے جانے کیوں ایسے سوالات نے دل توڑ دیا سدرشن فاکر


OMG.What music.I salute the lady

Amazing voice

kya kahu kuchh kahne ki haisiyat nhi meri. inko kuchh bhi kahna suraj ko diya dikhane jaisa hai

आह !

لاجواب غزل۔بے مثال آواز

Aise kaun gataa hai bhai😂😂

Thanks to the uploader...

Queen of ghazal ....hats off ...

jokes in hindi

Marhouma Begum Akhtar has put life in her interpretation of Ghazal. Cheers for the Queen.

un forgettable Gazal ,begum akthar, mean more hear.

Excepcional cantora. Tecnicamente perfeita, domínio pleno.

Begam sahiba ki tareef k liye alfaz nahi hain. Kesy Soraj ko uski abotab k bary main bataya jai

A treasure of Ghazals. Wow! This sweet melody.

Living legend"makhmali awaaz ab sunnay ko phir nhi milaigi


Hum THO samjhe tho Barsaat mein barsegi Sharaab Aayi Barsaat tho Barsaat ne Dil Tod Diya Wah Wah Wah Begum Akhtar the Queen of Gazal Simply Outstanding They don't make people like them now Very rarely do such Gem do appear Very sad

this is spiritual... what the fuck.... there are few angelical voices....freddie mercury...and ﹰMﹰJ.... but she is heaven ...

awesome...im great fan of freddie ...but she seems to go cross that fucking 4 octave

लाजवाब औ बेमिसाल अंदाज ए इजहार बेइंतहाई खूबसूरत औ काबिले तारीफ है।

Amazing rendition of a classic gazal.

I m listening this Ghazal every day about 4/5 times. Lajawab Sur aur Be_misall Awaz Begum Akhtar

Her voice, her singing, and this ghazal...can make even the dead cry and wail.

While Listening to this song I was thinking so many females in the world are in relationships which are so fragile and unreal... This song and Begum Akhtar's way of expressing it just made me think so

Very powerful rendition! RIP Begam Akhtar.

Music composing is great behind every instruments a ustad siting voice is awesome,but lyrics are weak,,,

.... heaven! ...

Ye sudarshan Faakir ke kalam ka jaadu hai

it is very old song. she sing this song in sweet voice. she is my grandfather's favorite actor and I also like him

wonderful way of singing voice directly hit my heart Lol,,,

a soul stirring performance indeed


wahh kia kehne

koi match ni .

Kya Baat Hien !!

The most soulful voice to grace a stage in Indian history.

she was GEM of India,

Is this raga bhoopali?

kudrat ka krishma hi awaz mi

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Kuchh To Duniya Ki Inayat Ne Begum Akhtar Album Mp3 Song.Kuchh To Duniya Ki Inayat Ne song belongs to Ghazals, Kuchh To Duniya Ki Inayat Ne by Begum Akhtar, Kuchh To Duniya Ki Inayat Ne available To free download ,Download Begum Akhtar Kuchh To Duniya Ki Inayat Ne Mp3 Song. Kuchh To Duniya Ki Inayat Ne Ghazals released on 2017-08-04 21:28:19.1 AYE MOHABBAT TERAY NAAM PA POET SHAKEEL BADAYUNI 2 KOI YEH KEHDAY GULSHAN GULSHAN POET JIGAR MURADABADI 3 KOALIYA MATKAR PUKAAR KARAY 4 HUM KO MITA SAKAY YEH ZAMANAY MAY DAM NAHI POET. Swararpan rooh e ghazl Begum Akhtar. Listen to one of the Melodious Song Ishq Mein Gairat E Jazbaat of Begum Akhtar Song Ishq Mein Gairat E Jazbaat Singer Begum Akhtar Music Director Khaiyyaam Lyricist Sudarshan. Popular content related to Begum Akhtar Ghazal. Begum Akhtar was born in Faizabad Distt Uttar Pradesh Begum was only seven when she was captivated by the music of Chandra Bai an artist who work with touring group Rekhta org present. This ghazal is dedicated to my close friend Mr Naresh Kumar from NY who has been a huge fan of Jagjit Singh for nearly 40 years and was referred to as Encyclopaedia on Jagjit Singh by Jagjit. Kuch To Duniya Ki Inayaat Ne Dll Tor Diya Begum Akhtar Lyrics Sudarshan Faakir.

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