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Categories: Album and Hindustani Instrumental.

Albums: Shanta.

Singers: Various.

Released : 12 Dec, 2012

Duration : 04:40 min

Downloads : 24.71K

awesome video.

:sigh: Ya i know but it be like honor if i trained with you guys and learn stuff you know.. Cause i like stuff that got to do with enshin or ashihara karate, kudo. those style are smart for a striking art in the street. but i also learning from jkd and other art to combine as hobby.

i guess thats a little too far LOL.

Sorry for replying late i live in Florida

The name for sword technique is "yesuken" it is loosely based on the same principals of the footwork of sayokan but more closely resembling 1000 years old Turkish warrior. there are a fiew vdeos and a fictional character called "MOKAN" there are vids here on youtube. and is done with the single edge strait sword from the time period long before the ottomans.

where do you live? im in upstate NY

Haha, well he's not getting pummeled by just me anymore. He also trains and spars with K1 fighters. So he keeps getting tougher.

I practice kyokushin in the US but my senpai stop teaching due of getting old and knee injury.. also it's not working out for him. but i wish i train in ashihara or enshin so i do it on my own including a mixture of other style as hobby. But i guess this style looks interesting since, i seen the other Sayokan video's where they use traditional broad sword from turkey/ i'm never to ignorant learn something new as long its works as defense and keep you healthy i guess.

Im not surprised. sayokan and enshin have the same heritage. kyokushin and ashihara. not many people are familiar with enshin. do you practice and where. we have simalar competition rules but there is no one near us with the same type so we compete at kyokushin events.

This looks like enshin karate?

Thanks Micahel. i too keep tract of your stuff and also my hero Emilio "the toughest man in the netherlands. He has to be for being your uke. ;)

Taygun, great stuff as always. Long time no hear. But I still watch your uploads.

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