Nobody Gets Me But You Spoon mp3 song

Categories: Album and Alternative.

Albums: Transference.

Singers: Spoon.

Released : 05 Jan, 2012

Duration : 05:00 min

Downloads : 104.96K

Worth the effing price of admission. This here masterpiece.

It just builds man.

one of my top ten favorites

Thought broadcast much?

Sounds like the band Can

God damn this is a great song!

nobody gets me not even you


I pretend I can dance!

I air guitar this song and pretend I'm Britt getting down with the guitar on stage in front of an audience. Welcome to my imagination Spoon listeners.

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Nobody Gets Me But You Spoon

Nobody Gets Me But You Lyrics

Nobody gets what I say
Must be some way to convey
But no one else remembers my name
Just those parts that I play
Nobody gets me
Nobody gets me but you

No one gets what I've done
Everyone else seems to look through it
Oh, but maybe I've never wanted them to
Couldn't count on it anyway
Nobody gets me
Nobody cuts me like you

Nobody gets what I say
Those who know, those who lose
Those who look through
Do they get me?

I thought they get me like you
Oh no!
Oh no one

Nobody Gets Me But You by Spoon full Video

Nobody Gets Me But You Spoon Album Mp3 Song.Nobody Gets Me But You song belongs to Alternative, Nobody Gets Me But You by Spoon, Nobody Gets Me But You available To free download ,Download Spoon Nobody Gets Me But You Mp3 Song. Nobody Gets Me But You Alternative released on 2017-08-03 22:57:30.Whitaker Center September 11 2010. If there s anything you want Come on back cause it s all still here I ll be in the back room drinking my half of the beer And if you and me is right Why s it the same thing every night. 0 00 Me and the Bean 1 40 Nobody Gets Me But You 6 18 The Underdog 9 30 Stay Don t Go 12 48 Don t You Evah 16 50 Written in Reverse 21 04 Got Nuffin 24 54 The Ghost of You Lingers 29 01. Lynn and Jon s First Dance Style Modern Nobody Gets Me But You by Spoon. Check out this musical ly Nobody Gets Me. Track 11 Artist Spoon Album Transference 2010. Spoon performing Nobody Gets Me But You at the Paradiso Amsterdam. Now when she went to Chicago that night she faced a wall And when she woke up outside with all those leaves in her mouth And felt the pall And all night the rain came on down But then she d.

Music video for the song Nobody Gets Me But You from the album Transference. Music by Spoon Title Got Nuffin Album Got Nuffin Disclaimer I do not own anything I do not own the music This is only for entertainment purposes on Youtube The music is the property. Not the best sound at all and its pretty dark too but here it is none the less. They Want My Soul...