Sanctuary Miles Davis mp3 song

Categories: Album and Jazz.

Albums: Bitches Brew.

Singers: Miles Davis.

Released : 21 Apr, 2009

Duration : 10:53 min

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Sounds like Miles had "Stella by Starlight" in mind....

Can anyone actually hear John McLaughlin playing on this specific track please?


I do not want to sound cruel but I wish that Mark David Chapman died in the electric chair a long time ago like they did in the early 20th century in New York

But at least the MIT and Caltech robots understand almost all of it

Will they let me spell this right it was a love-in

also the John Lennon had a love it

Not to change the subject but you could also look at Goldie Hawn on Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In

Herbie Hancock solo and so on and so on is nothing to sneeze at

Miles Davis jazz fusion era 1968 to 1975 is my number one favorite type of music of all time

I am from the Adirondack Mountains of New York

Sanctuary the snow was melting in New York state in March of 1970

Superbe ! En plus à l'époque les grooves n'étaient pas forcement figés et les musiciens n'avaient pas peur de bouger ds les tempos.

tout le génie de miles Davis en trois quatre note une de ses plus belles sessions . Superbe composition d un des plus grand Wayne shorter

Just got finished watching "Miles Ahead"....Great movie and this piece played in a scene. Beautiful piece by my man Wayne Shorter....

When first heard this song I remember being so mesmerized by it.

This sound to me like something the fellows came up with in response to the people who didn't like the new electric direction, maybe not consciously. Echoes of earlier times here in a new setting. Nice sentimental ballad.



If you like Miles Davis and weird, experimental Hip-Hop you should consider checking my album out.You might like it. You might not.But you won't know till you visit my channel and listen.

Wayne Shorter wrote some beautiful music for Miles Davis, some of his best, Sanctuary is one of these unforgettable pieces. With it's long, mysterious meandering, melody line, invoking runic illusions and deep emotions from that diamond piercing horn. It has transitioned into many arrangements and always returns, haunting and as always, mind blowing.


Mind blown


One question: is Wayne Shorter playing the sax?

I bought this when I was 13, did not understand the music at all then, but knew I should. I found this cut on the LP, and it opened the rest--and a new world of music--to me.  Just incredible.

Feels and sounds like home...

I will never forget how this whole album kept me going through some very hard times. RIP, Mr. Davis. 

I am feeling this way right now.

I have never understood JAzz untill now, a whole new door has been opened to me, and so much music to explore. thank you uploader. keep posting :D

you just said beating women was ok good going stupid asshole

and?? doesnt take away from the fact that he is a great musician

-Duke Ellington*

what does it have to do with his music? he was also addicted to heroin for years. you could say the same about many male artists from the same era. i'm not justifying it, it's clearly wrong but it doesn't diminish the fact he created some amazing music.

miles was a sexist asshole and a wife beater

Lol, Miles did

Jesus christ, that trumpet note is as tall as a skyscraper.

当時、学生購買部でも3800円だったマイルス"ビッチェズ・ブリュー"、河原町で迷わずウェイン"スーパーノヴァ"を買った、禁断音"Sanctuary" #jazzm

nice - but i prefer the version that's on "circle in the round" - that's the one i knew in the first place, and it has always represented for me the quintessence of jazz... in a more silent way !

Happy Birthday Miles

the climax at the end is illuminating and mind-blowing at the same time. love it.

@skump13 I would attempt if i had the music for it.....

@TheWeasell Learn it and do it

It would be so cool if i could play this for my schools talent show.. UGHH!!!

Anyone know where I can find the sheet music for this? It's for my music coursework : P

The acoustic version of Sanctuary found on Water Babies is better.

this music provokes so many emotions, it's really beautiful !



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Sanctuary Miles Davis Album Mp3 Song.Sanctuary song belongs to Jazz, Sanctuary by Miles Davis, Sanctuary available To free download ,Download Miles Davis Sanctuary Mp3 Song. Sanctuary Jazz released on 2017-08-03 23:27:14. Bitches Brew Aug 19 1969. Miles earth shattering 1970 album. Miles Davis Bitches Brew 1970 Columbia Thought by many to be the most revolutionary album in jazz history having virtually created the genre known as jazz rock fusion for better or worse.

Listen to Bitches Brew Legacy Edition by Miles Davis on AppleMusic Pharaoh s Dance 20 05 Miles Davis Bitches Brew Legacy Edition Jazz 0 2 Bitches Brew is a studio double album by jazz. Octorber 22 1971 Neue Stadthalle Dietikon Switzerland it s about that time bitches brew funky tonk sanctuary Miles Davis tp Gary Bartz ss as Keith Jarrett elp org Michael Henderson. Sanctuary miles davis sextet 1970 11 17 electric factory philadelphia. Sanctuary by Miles Davis Composed by Wayne Shorter. Miles Davis FOUR Trumpet Miles Davis Piano Horace Silver Bass Percy Heath Drums Art Blakey Recorded March 10 1954 New York. The standard Miles Davis tune Happy listening. Buy Live in Europe 1969 Amazon Listen to more from Miles Davis on Spotify About the. Sanctuary at Natalie s Pizza in Columbus Ohio Josh Hill Tony McClung Lucas Holmes Chris Guthrie and Dr Michael Cox. Sur la sc ne du 10 me festival de jazz de Juan les Pins en 1969 Mile Davis joue autour du th me intitul Sanctuary R alisateur Jean ...