Shadowcastin Ra Ra Riot mp3 song

Categories: Album and Indie.

Albums: The Orchard.

Singers: Ra Ra Riot.

Released : 02 Aug, 2010

Duration : 03:12 min

Downloads : 162.58K

Shameless Season 1 Episode 1....So Goooood!

Shameless US

The world's most annoying bass line to play

Great now i have to buy a bass guitar and learn this song

Shameless <3


RAC brought me. Great song

Bose headphones demo songs brought me here :P

sounds a lot like "Y Control" by Yeah Yeah Yeahs.


i love that show. they play some great music on there

Joy Division had the same progression in "Love Will Tear Us Apart."

too bad miss Lawn left the band. she was a very very big part of them!!!!!

I love this song so much! I discovered it on some demo for this new sound system thing for your iPod. So glad I did

All my friends think I'm weird for listening to this type of music. But this song is so good! How can they not like it?!

those poor 3 deaf people...

This is my civic!

This hit is SHAMELESS wouldn't you agree?


no, its like lada gaga's penis, it shouldnt be there.

@m0012 Someone might have already said this (I'm not gonna swim through the comments), but its originally from Yeah Yeah Yeah's song "Y Control". Checkitout

my ears are gusta.

@dsknkt1 "who the fuck is steve?"

@deadpoolrocks12 because morons are everywhere... EVERYWHERE...



the dislike bar is justin.b penis i see no dislike bar :D

omg, Dat Bass:)

civic brung me here

These guys need to be more popular they deserve it

The solo is like the best solo ever. I swear.

Someone's got a new washing machine.

thumbs up if you looked for someone that had the screenname @DislikeBar

seeing them tomorrow night! so psyched.

Probably the best song on the orchard, I can't stop listening

1 bastard missed the "like" button. -_-


@DislikeBar I don't think you are needed here, go help Rebecca Black's Friday or something

i just heard this song on shameless and i was like oh sweeet that ra ra riot haha, the bass is amazing in the song!! great band!!

that is one sexy bass riff

yessss shameless!

Sounds kinda like a neo new wave song, very catchy

no dislikes, i think everyone knows why :D


this is fuckin cool! chara chara

sick song. sick video

really liking the new cd

really liking the new cd


Great song! Very cool!

cant wait to get this album! Just saw these guys today at a free at noon concert in Philly! they were AWESOME. Even got The Rhumb Line signed

o sheeeeezzy!!!

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Shadowcastin Lyrics

How long will you listen?
Something about the way she calls
I was alone for what I felt that night
Come on, say you were
Sarah's never much for reason
But it's no fair to leave
If the coal is in the ground
Why don't we dig it up like a bull hound?

Oh, hope that I don't see you anymore
I won't

How high will you leave us
Something about the way you call
I worry for the public
I know you feign, you do
Vapor fires on horizon
And the shadow of control
Well if the coal is in the ground
She'll just dig it up like a bull hound

Oh I know, oh I do
Only need
What I want

I own you, oh I do
Only need
What I want

Oh, hope that I don't see you anymore
I won't
Oh, hope that I won't see you anymore
I won't

I only need, oh I do
Only need
What I want

Oh, hope that I don't see you anymore
I won't
Oh, hope that I won't see you anymore
I won't

Shadowcastin by Ra Ra Riot full Video

Shadowcastin Ra Ra Riot Album Mp3 Song.Shadowcastin song belongs to Indie, Shadowcastin by Ra Ra Riot, Shadowcastin available To free download ,Download Ra Ra Riot Shadowcastin Mp3 Song. Shadowcastin Indie released on 2017-08-03 23:27:14.I do not own this song hehe.

Ra Ra Riot Boy The Orchard. Ra Ra Riot Do You Remember The Orchard. Dearly Departed Shadowcasting.