Sri Shyamala Dandakam Sivananda Vijayalakshmi mp3 song

Categories: Album and Sanskrit.

Albums: Sri Lalitha Sahasranama Stotram.

Singers: Sivananda Vijayalakshmi.

Released : 15 Oct, 2014

Duration : 12:45 min

Downloads : 230.1K

Supreme rendition,to my

Sad that upload does not mention Kalidasa who wrote this

This is by Sivananda Vijayalakshmi; not by MLV

Shyamaladandakam is a Mahakavi Kalidas composition

Namaskar- This is a special Salutation to Mother Devi Shree Saraswati . The last part of Sarva Teerthatmike Devi Namoh Namah-onwards to end Mantratikme -Tantra -Yantra etc are so beautiful Respects, TR

mother saraswathi personified ! Pronunciation like none other !

This is a special for chanting during Navarathri

Excellant. Thanks.

very rare videothanks alot

Divine voice of Amma, thanks for uploading ūüôŹ

D.K.P had performed this sloka in her early days .That is why is so sweet.RAga selection &presentation very unique and unambiquous It is a great treasure for devotees as well as music lovers. LET US PRESERVE.

Sorry my aim was not to correct amma but as a Sanskrit student correct such mistake and guide people

It's not madashalini but madhushalinii,the first word means a women with bad qualities and corrected word means women with sweet qualities like honey



very excellent voice

jai jaganatha

Amma's voice is immortal

highly traditional rendering Thanks for making this available here.

the lyricist was MAHAKAVI KALIDASS.

excellent rendering! it creates a serene environment

It would be great if the lyricist name is changed to : maha kavi kalidas

The voice and style is similar to that of Smt Sivananda Vijayalakshmi!

splendid with correct pronunciation. Thank you.

This voice does not seem to be that of DKP! Pls reconfirm. Thanks

this song invokes the divine mother and surely DKP Amma has sung it with such involvement that we can feel the mother's presence when we hear this recording.

The spirit of worship is individuality and individual choice.  And that marks distinctively the Indian spirit.  Music is a vehicle ideally chosen for worship.  Including Christians, Muslims, everyone chooses his own form of music for worship.  Sublime music takes worship to an entirely different plane.

so nisi song

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Sri Shyamala Dandakam by Sivananda Vijayalakshmi full Video

Sri Shyamala Dandakam Sivananda Vijayalakshmi Album Mp3 Song.Sri Shyamala Dandakam song belongs to Sanskrit, Sri Shyamala Dandakam by Sivananda Vijayalakshmi, Sri Shyamala Dandakam available To free download ,Download Sivananda Vijayalakshmi Sri Shyamala Dandakam Mp3 Song. Sri Shyamala Dandakam Sanskrit released on 2017-08-04 01:18:53.Guru P Ramakrishna Iyer P R Iyer starts with a short intro in Malayalam explaining the concept of Shyamala Dandakam followed by clear slow chanting of Dhyanam Prarthana and Shyamala Dandakam. Nityanandakari varabhayakari saundaryaratnakari Nirdhutakhilaghorapavanakari pratyaxamaheshvari Praleyachalavanshapavanakari kashipuradhishvari Bhiksham dehi kripavalambanakari matanapurneshvar. Subscribe to our Youtube Channel Like us on BHAKTHI SONGS PLAYLISTS. Recited by Shri Ganapathy Vaidhyanatha Sharma Contact 66 0 E Mail ganapathies yahoo com uploaded in HD at. Hymn to Goddess Saraswathi composed by Mahakavi Kalidas In this hymn Kalidasa has employed a poetic style called Dandakam in which some of the lines have more than 26 syllables In this. Subscribe to our Youtube Channel Like us on BHAKTHI SONGS PLAYLISTS. SUBSCRIBE To Subscribe MY3 TAMIL For more Information on WWW MY3MUSIC COM www shanthiinfo com BHAKTHI SONGS PLAYLISTS. Kalidasa s Shyamala Dandakam sung by D K Pattammal. Meenakshi Pancharatnam from the album Devi Stothramalika Rendition by Nitya Santhoshini. Soundarya Lahari PART II Subscribe link Rendition by...