Theme Music Various mp3 song

Categories: Album and Tamil.

Albums: Sarvam.

Singers: Various.

Released : 29 Apr, 2011

Duration : 05:04 min

Downloads : 908.29K

I really loved this song

hade pisan...

I love this song


Mấy năm rồi vẫn thích bài này


Han Hyo Joo.. I miss her

i like



Dong yi from Philippines!!

best song

...pure Korean traditional song...

Very inspiring historical drama series...i am hooked and viewing it twice now....60 episodes.

beautiful music

long live the king iin yeon

kapan tayang lagi...


I totally like it

this song gave me goosebumps.. it reminds me of my childhood when I first saw this movie ❤



ı love it



This song means:The green sky above, the winds whispering of tearsFall asleep in along winding roadYearning for a place that looked vaguely in memoryLke the wildflowers that disappear and the longing for the sky that layYou, you are the sky that filled with flowing dreamYou, you are the star that raise and flyYearning to walk in the closed dreamy road

The drama of dong Yi is so beautiful that ministers in Australia has to watch it and understand the morality of it!

Best music ever!

very ....

mantaap... dong yu

Tune is soothing and comforting even I am clueless what is in the lyrics. Is there English translation ?

wow!!! great song, I love it.

a very beautiful song.. i never get tired listening to this. it actually refreshes me every time i hear this. I just love this song a lot....

i love how they seem to utilize a lot of children's choir in kdrama historicals. just makes it sound so charming!


Viramente questo film e molto bello ber me


great music!! mm.............

I from ivory coast bu i love this song and i love dong yi and that drama forever 💜💜dong yi and King

I like a song

Go dong yi!!!!!! From sac ca. USA!!!

Memories :)

Please sent me the lyric

beautiful song

ดูแล้วดูอีก  ซีรี่ย์เรื่องนี้

Ahh this song always cheers me up


love this song while i was 10!!!!now im 14love it for yrs

very nice~!~! superb!!!!!!

oh my gosh i absolutely love it.....

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Music Lal K Sailo Recording Kings Prophets Videography CHIANGTEA Artistes Zualbawihi Lalthlengliani Melody G Fanai Mabiaki Grace Baby Z Tlau Gospeli Hmingtea KC Didika. Derana Ape 10th Anniversary Theme Song Various Artists Download Video Artist Bathiya Santhush Athula Adikari Shashika Nisansala Gayantha Wijerathna Dushyanth. Hope you enjoyed the song got a lil bit confuseing in the last seconds of the song. Noted...